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Welcome to Miss Martin Reads!

If you are here, then I am just going to go ahead and assume that YOU are a lover of reading.  You understand the joy that comes from walking into a bookstore, and the even greater joy that comes with walking OUT of a bookstore, weighed down by so many new stories that you cannot wait to start reading them.

I, myself, am certainly a lover of reading.  I would live in a used bookstore if it wouldn't mean I would eventually get arrested for trespassing.  I buy books like some girls buy shoes (or like my husband buys tools).  I find myself planning my day around how many of my favorite bookstores I can hit in one trip.  One of my greatest dreams is to have my very own rolling library ladder in my house.

Lucky for me, I get paid to read, and paid to teach others to love reading.  I am a teacher, and my classroom is filled with so many books that I may eventually have to start replacing the students with new bookshelves!  My students have told me that eventually they may have to give me a second classroom next door; one for the students' desks, and one for our classroom library.

I am constantly looking for new ideas to hook my students on reading, and if you find yourself in a like-minded place, then welcome.

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